I recently had a conversation with a relative I had not seen in several years. Linda, who is a 50-something like me, teased me about still having youngsters in elementary and middle school. She spoke briefly with my son and daughter and complimented me on how well-spoken and intelligent they were. Linda asked where they attended school. After I mentioned Mt. Carmel, she had a look of confusion.

“Mt. Carmel, as in Agat Mt. Carmel?” she asked. “Unless you know of another Mt. Carmel School on Guam, yes that’s the one,” I replied. Then Linda remarked like many others have. “But that is so far from your house.” She was shocked when I gave her some facts she either never knew or never thought about.

  1. With the bus interchange at Paseo, distance is never an issue.
  2. If I have to drop off the kids at school, it’s about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Guam is so small, every place is virtually within 15-20 minutes.

Now, she was intrigued about MCS. Because she has grandchildren, she wanted to know more about the school. What would compel me to send my children to a school down south when there are others that are much closer.

“Well-roundedness!” Not the word she was expecting but it is the absolute reason why my children are MCS students.

At MCS, my education prerequisite boxes are checked off immediately.

  • Math? Check.
  • Science? Check.
  • Reading? Check.
  • Sports and physical education? Check.
  • Quality teachers? Check.
  • Safe and secure? Check.
  • Faith-based education? With Sisters Mary Juan Camacho and Joseph Ann Quinene at the helm, double check.

Then, there are the absolute extras. Chamorro. Art. Taekwondo. Business courses. And soon, communications and photography courses.

Linda is now in discussions with her daughter about her grandchildren attending Mt. Carmel.

If you have young children and you haven’t decided on which school they should attend, keep these two things in mind: 1) Mt. Carmel educates the complete child. MCS offers your child the most affordable private school education. 2) If you like what Mt. Carmel offers but think the school is not close enough for your preference, ask yourself this: How far would you go for your children’s future?

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MCS School Supply

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