Lifelong relationships

Lifelong Relationships
We have once again received a very positive response to our early registration drive and want to ensure we answer your most frequent questions. Please contact us anytime at 565-5128/3822, if you have additional questions or wish to further discuss these matters.
What is the deadline for registration?
Registration is on-going. Register online below or over the phone at 565-5128/3822 and your child will be guaranteed enrollment in Guam’s highest ranked school. MCS maintains the most affordable registration and tuition rates on Guam!
Can I put down 50% of the registration amount and pay the balance later?
Yes. If you put down 50% and pay the balance within 30 days, MCS will reserve your child’s place and also maintain the current registration and tuition rates for you.
Will MCS offer a tuition credit program for parents who recruit and secure the registration of new MCS families?
Yes. You must coordinate this effort with the MCS Administration to ensure there is no confusion. We will have forms available at MCS for any families wishing to participate in this program. You will receive tuition discounts in return for recruiting and securing new MCS students. You will not receive credit if you fail to first contact the MCS Office to make the appropriate arrangements, and you must first register.
Will MCS maintain the number of busses coming to/departing from the Chamorro Village Bus Exchange?
Yes! Department of Public Works continues to provide island-wide busing to all students. MCS maintains the most available island-wide busing of any school on Guam!
Will MCS allow families currently behind in tuition to register and maintain the lower registration and tuition rates?

Yes, as long as satisfactory arrangements are made to pay tuition currently owed. Please reserve your children’s place with MCS before classes are filled! Si Yu’os Ma’ase’!!!

What are the registration fees?
MCS maintains the lowest tuition and registration rates of all Guam private schools.

One child: $295.00
Two children: $470.00
Three children: $535.00
For each child after third child: $65.00

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